High School

Academics, Athletics, and Community

Our students are able to obtain a traditional college preparatory academic education while pursuing their athletic aspirations. 

Shown below are two course progressions, Standard and Most Rigorous. Some students follow the Standard progression, some follow the Most Rigorous, and some students do a blend of these two course progressions. CVA's academic team, college counselor, student, and family work together to determine the most appropriate course progression for each student based on academic achievement, maturity, and college aspirations. The goal is for students to create their strongest high school resume, so when type graduate, they have the most post-secondary academic and athletic choices.

It is important to note admission requirements for different colleges vary widely and may require additional credits in certain areas above and beyond CVA standard graduation requirements. However, CVA's more rigorous course progression provides ample opportunity to satisfy the admission requirements of even the most selective colleges. We have excellent college placement with most students being accepted to their first choice.   

*Honors option is available and may be recommended

Grace Holstein '16, shown here with her sister Catherine '19

I knew that my education from CVA was top quality, but now that I’m stuck at home doing all of my college level schoolwork because of the pandemic, I can’t help but reflect on the countless hours my classmates and teammates would spend doing homework, studying, and taking exams on trips. Through that, the self-discipline CVA taught me is really paying off, especially now that I’m not able to be in the classroom to learn. All of the time management skills, having the ability to pace my schoolwork and being able to learn and study on my own is something I never would have been able to adjust to if it weren’t for CVA. Thank you!! 

Early College Courses

CVA students can challenge themselves further by choosing classes at CVA that earn both both high school credit and college credit.

Honors Biology II and/or Honors English IV are recognized as 100-level courses at the University of Maine at Farmington.  

Meeting the final grade requirement for these classes will earn four college credits for the student from UMF.   These credits may be used directly on enrollment at the University of Maine at Farmington after graduation, or can be used to show a more robust academic transcript when applying to other schools.